About the conference

International Conference titled
„Damages for violations of human rights –
domestic, comparative and international perspectives”

is organized by
the University of Gdańsk, Department of Civil Law,
in scientific collaboration with
the Department of Human Rights Law, Nicholas Copernicus University (Toruń).

Particular features of human rights as ‘right for humans’ or ‘rights for individuals’ and their international dimension implicate several questions and controversies as to the availability, foundations and scope of a claim for pecuniary compensation. The underlying idea of the scientific meeting in Gdańsk is to discuss the various approaches of civil lawyers, international lawyers and human rights lawyers to compensation and/or reparation for human rights violations.

The papers will address both the well-known problems of remedying the violations of a right to due process and compensating for unjust conviction and arrest, as well as different perspectives on damage. The speakers will present national reports and will discuss methodological differences between domestic and international approaches to liability for the violations of human rights, including the ECHR regime of damages. The inter-relationship between individual and more “far-reaching” measures is also at the heart of our interests.

We hope that the conference participants will gain new perspectives on the coexistence of sources of law of different origins (national, international and the EU), and the interdependence of legal solutions related to the jurisdiction, applicable law, the scope of protection of individuals and the effectiveness of international protection safeguarded by the international tribunals.

We have invited distinguished academics who are fine experts in the field of civil law, human rights law and public international law, as well as judges and practitioners who deal with claims for damages in their daily work.

The conference will be held in English.

You are welcome to join us!

prof. dr hab. Ewa Bagińska